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Bruce Drury
At 63 years old, and after 40 plus years behind a computer screen, I started to acquire occasional muscular injuries. As I was seeking ways of prevention instead of cure, the osteopath who initially treated me recommended Body Connection pilates studio.

After 18 months working with Adriana and Susan, I find I am now much stronger, balanced and flexible than I was even at a younger age. Adriana’s knowledge, wisdom and warmth have had a major impact on my wellbeing. I love that she is a highly trained and experienced practitioner and will assess and develop a plan for each individual, to meet their specific circumstances, and will accommodate people of all ages and abilities.

I highly recommend Adriana and Body Connections pilates to anyone wanting to improve their wellbeing.

– Bruce Drury

Liz Drury
I first joined Body Connection Pilates because I wanted to improve my posture and my overall strength.

I never expected it to be such a joyful and educational experience. I would to look forward to every session.

Six months after starting with Adriana I was feeling fit, happy and strong , when the unthinkable happened. I fractured my knee in the ocean, actually a fish crashed into me.

Adriana’s commitment to my well being during my rehabilitation went well beyond being an instructor. This is when I truly felt the power of her healing and spiritual capabilities. She understands the human body so well and would not allow me to push myself too hard, we worked on different muscles each session and gradually built up my strength and balance. She had to at times deal with my tears of frustration as I learned to walk again, she always made me feel better. Adriana is always focussed on my long term physical and emotional well being. I am so grateful to Adriana, I am certain I would not be where I am today without her knowledge, care and support.

Adriana’s commitment to educating me about my body and making me understand my limits is exceptional.

If you wish to get your life back on track, I would highly recommend Body Connection Pilates.

– Liz Drury

Thatiane Hijano
I started Pilates 1 year ago and I love it! I learned how to be aware of my posture and my body muscles besides help me how to use my all body in right away . Congrats Dri for you dedication and patience I love your classes!

– Thatiane Hijano Costa

Susan Smith
How is your body today?” is Adriana’s greeting at the start of every lesson and I am reminded how fortunate I am to have her as my teacher. Each lesson is personalized for every student and his or her individual needs. Adriana’s knowledge and awareness of the human body and how it works and her commitment to helping each student is outstanding.

She is an enthusiastic and encouraging teacher and knows what my body is capable of. She assists me by giving me the right cues to help me visualize what it is I am trying to do so that I achieve the best results possible.

I am very much into the relationship between mind and body and I know how well my body moves now because of Pilates.

I look forward to every lesson with Adriana at Body Connection Pilates because I can feel the difference (and I’m sure I’m a little bit taller) after each session.

– Susan Smith

Snow Du Fau
I love Pilates at Body Connection. When I first moved to the Gold Coast I struggled to find an instructor to suit me; partly because I have multiple injuries and also because I have done intensive study of human anatomy and there are not a lot of instructors with Adriana’s level of knowledge.

The classes at this studio are very personalised. Adriana has an incredible ability to find a balance where you will be pushed just to your limit but never past it. Her wealth of experience has taught me to center myself more, to be more aware of my body in day to day tasks and has saved me from constantly requiring someone else to treat my body as she teaches me to fix my body myself.

I would happily recommend Body Connection Pilates to anyone who is requiring a fantastic form of exercise with a holistic approach which will nurture body, mind and spirit.

– Snow Du Fau

Trina Rogers
Coming to Body Connection Pilates has been rewarding and beneficial in so many ways. Adriana is able to tailor her sessions to accommodate my needs and limitations and has been instrumental in improving my posture, flexibility, inner muscle strength and wellbeing. Pilates with Adriana has helped significantly with managing my injuries, and also with improving my techniques at the gym. Her classes are not only fun, but also educational by learning from Adriana’s thorough knowledge of the body and Pilates. Adriana is an exceptional Pilates instructor!

– Trina Rogers




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