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Core Strength

The term “core strength” is used frequently, but what is core strength? Well, our ‘core’ is our trunk and strength refers not just to being strong but to being active & ‘tuned in to what the body is doing. So what we are after is trunk muscles […]

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Breathing during Pilates Practice

Inhale and Exhale You may hear a lot in Pilates class, “breath in to prepare, inhale, now exhale and hold” or words to that effect.  It is the foundation of Pilates that you work from a very strong core and to do that we need to do […]

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What makes great Pilates? It is not about physical strength

Not all Pilates is created equal  I need to explain the difference between Pilates that we do here at Body Connection Pilates and the kind of Pilates that is available elsewhere. Here at BCP we focus on great Pilates. If your after totally average Pilates or cheap […]

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