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Core Strength

Core Strength

The term “core strength” is used frequently, but what is core strength? Well, our ‘core’ is our trunk and strength refers not just to being strong but to being active & ‘tuned in to what the body is doing. So what we are after is trunk muscles that are continually working for us & that can adapt very quickly to the demands that are put on our body

This is important because it means the body won’t allow itself to passively get into a position where you can injure yourself – the classic “I just bent over to pick something up & my back went – instead the core will automatically protect you & very cleverly also signal to all other muscles around the spine & hence they will also protect you.

As a result core strength is one of the most important factors in injury prevention. Both in normal daily living (lifting, driving, working at the computer) and in sport & fitness activities. It is also vital for good performance in every single sport (well maybe not darts or snooker).

So how do you get a strong core?

Forget the 100 situps for breakfast idea – that’s just a good way to injure your neck. The key is knowing 2 or 3 excellent exercises & then doing them with ‘good form’. If you know what you are doing then you will do it more effectively & will do it without injuring yourself and then you can improve core strength with as little as 1 hour a week practice.

So where does Pilates fit in this?

Pilates is a method of exercises designed specifically to target core strength and also for injury rehabilitation. It is the fastest and easiest way to obtain core strength.


 Is it too late if I am already injured?

No, in fact several important studies have shown that core strength is nearly always poor if we have had a back injury, and poor core strength is one of the most important factors that slows down & prevents recovery

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