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Adriana Carioni

Adriana Carioni

Pilates Instructor and Physical Educator

I am passionate about Pilates. It is wonderful to see how Pilates can change and improve people’s health.

I graduated in Physical Education from FEFISA University Brazil, and  post-graduate studies in Physical Education from FMU University. After many wonderful years being a Teacher, I decided to change my path and became specialised in Pilates studying at the CGPA Institute.

I always knew that I would be a physical educator because of my eternal love of sports. At a young age, I was very active and represented my school in various games and competitions.

After my first degree I became  a swimming coach for junior athletes, developed social and educational projects in the techniques of sports and also had the opportunity to manage sporting events.

My main goal is to provide people with a better quality of life by improving their self-esteem and enabling a change of habit in relation to the body through the practice of Pilates.

Susan Stone

Susan Stone

Pilates instructor

In my twenties I sustained a serious back injury which I thought I had recovered from with no ill effects. It wasn’t until later in life I began to feel the impact of that injury and the limitations it was placing on my body and lifestyle. After committing to Pilates regularly I found that gradually I could do all the things I wanted- gym, hiking, yoga, skiing. I became aware and in tune with my body, accepted its limitations but was able to work with it and gain strength, mobility and stability.

Pilates is tailored specifically to meet individual clients needs. It can be done with any physical limitation or at any age. Pilates is something I never intend to stop, it makes complete sense and it is exciting watching clients health and lifestyle improve with regular practice.

I come from a background in nursing so the science behind Pilates particularly appealed to me. I completed my Diploma of Professional Pilates instruction through Pilates ITC and I am a member of Pilates Alliance Australasia.

Sally Thompson

Sally Thompson

Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP, AES, ESSAM), Pilates Instructor

I am a passionate advocate of women’s health and well-being. My ultimate goal is to help improve
the care that women receive throughout their lives, particularly during and after pregnancy,
osteoporosis and in rehabilitation after cancer.

I love to work with clients of all ages and ability levels, particularly:

  • Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
  • Abdominal Separation
  • Prolapse
  • Chronic Back and Pelvic Pain
  • Osteoporosis
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer Rehabilitation

I use the benefits of active therapy to improve my client’s health and fitness and to improve their quality of life.

I am an Accredited Exercise Physiologist, registered with ESSA and have completed a Bachelor in Exercise Physiology and a Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology at Southern Cross University. I obtained my Pilates qualifications from the Pilates Institute of Queensland and have been teaching since 2012.

Exercise Physiology sessions may be eligible for Private Health, Medicare, WorkCover or DVA Rebates.

I did my original training through The Balanced Body University and completed my Diploma in Professional Pilates Instruction through Pilates ITC and the Pilates Alliance.

Lisia Fonseca

Lisia Fonseca

Pilates Instructor and Physical Educator

Lisia has been teaching Pilates since 2007. She holds a Degree in Physical Education from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul in Brazil.

Lisia is a level 1 Member with the Pilates Alliance Australasia. She also holds a Diploma of Professional Pilates Instruction from the Pilates International Training Center, and a Certificate in Matwork Instruction from the Physical Mind Institute of New York.

Lisia is a perfectionist, and this is reflected in her energetic teaching style. She works with her clients to achieve quality movement (over quantity) and build a high-level of body awareness. A motivated, hands-on approach and clear verbal cues ensure you get the very best out of each class.

Juliana Oliveira

Juliana Oliveira

Pilates instructor and Physiotherapist

I have been involved in the academic field since my university (when I graduated in Physiotherapy in Brazil – 2006). I did two specialisations, in Neurological and Respiratory fields. After that, I decided to do a Master’s in Public Health and PhD in Science. I also did the Pilates Studio and Rehabilitation training course from Polestar Pilates Education.

I have considerable experience of working as a physiotherapist. That position enabled me to work with patients who have a range of conditions, including neurological, neuromusculoskeletal, cardiovascular and respiratory. So, I am passionate about body movements and how I can improve it in my patients.

My goal is to improve the quality of life and functionality of clients through pilates practice.

Giovanni Zucarato

Giovanni Zucarato

Pilates Instructor and Physical Educator

I am passionate about movement since I was a kid. When I had had my first contact with Pilates in my youth , I found out that my body needed to connect itself. Movement represents myself and Pilates showed me how I could be more efficient, precise flexible and coordinate.

I am a bachelor in Physical Education (2013) and Post graduated in Resistance Training (2016), from University of Sao Paulo, with extensive experience in rehabilitation and populations that require tailored made programs. My Pilates certification with DIS Pilates brought extra ideas and different approaches to conduct a range of clients.

My satisfaction comes when I can help someone to improve any aspect from daily activities to high performance skills. My goal as a professional is guiding my clients step by step to achieve their personal goals.




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