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What makes great Pilates? It is not about physical strength

Not all Pilates is created equal  I need to explain the difference between Pilates that we do here at Body Connection Pilates and the kind of Pilates that is available elsewhere.

Here at BCP we focus on great Pilates. If your after totally average Pilates or cheap Pilates or Aerobics disguised as Pilates then this is not the place for you.  If you want to really benefit from great Pilates then you need to do it in a environment with fully qualified instructors, who know how your body functions and can adapt a practice to you as an individual. This is why we keep our classes small and currently don’t run Mat classes (although we will be running them in the very near future but they will be limited to 6 per class)

So what makes great Pilates?  We maintain that for you to get the most out of your Pilates Practice you have to be able to hold  perfect form before moving on to the next level.  This is something we start from day one.  You are taught to hold neutral pelvis and to not put tension anywhere in your body.  If you have to strain to do a movement then you are not strong enough or flexible enough to be doing it.   Once you can do an exercise in perfect form, (this may take a few classes to build up the physical strength as well as fully understand the exercise), then we add the next level to the exercise.  This needs to be judged by a qualified ad experienced instructor and can’t be done if there are 15 or 20 of you in a class.  No instructor can keep an eye on the form of 15 participants.

The Pilates we do is about laying a foundation and building on it.  You need to coordinate your breath with the movement  and the mind with the breath. This takes time, practice and diligence.  Pilates can dramatically change how you feel about your life.  Not only physically but also mentally, unfortunately  it is not an easy process.  If practiced properly every exercise you do you should feel connected, from your core and through to your breath.  You should finish the class feeling strong, stretched and aligned.  If you leave felling sore, tired and achy you are not doing it correctly and should speak to your instructor about your form. So that’s the difference.  Leave feeling great, not like you need to lie down!

Jonathan Evans

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